Me Too

The Convergence membership rebuild is in full swing. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming. Through membership, Convergence is connecting faith leaders who are building a just and generous faith and world.

One of the most enlivening experiences in life is a “Me too!” moment—to connect with someone over a shared interest or activity and find camaraderie. To inspire those “Me too!” moments for Convergence members, we’ve created Circles. These Circles allow members to interact based on affinities and interests for boutique events, video calls, and unique content, while keeping them connected with the whole Convergence network.  Members might be involved in several Circles, depending on their ways of being in the world, which allows all aspects work and identity to find expression and support. 

New circles are always starting up and will be listed here as they come online.

Below are the circles that are currently being offered.



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