Through membership with Convergence, we want to tell the world about you and connect you with others who are doing incredible things.

Your Convergence membership connects you with other faith leaders, provides content and resources to enrich your journey, and amplifies your voice. Membership makes you visible to us, and we make you visible to others—others who are doing likewise and still others who need your message.

Convergence connects those who are interested in togethering, who believe that together we can do more to create a just and generous world. Through connections we build content to amplify the message of hope for a just and generous world.  

How To Get Started

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We do this through a three step process called "Who, Do, So."

Start by telling us WHO are you are, whether you’re a Leader, Learner, Artist, or Activist. This allows you to customize the content you’d like to receive from us. You might find yourself in more than one WHO. 

Once you’ve indicated the WHO(s) with which you most identify, tell us what you’d like to DO with us. We’ll connect you with other members who are doing likewise and create opportunities to participate. We will also share resources. We truly believe that each of you is up to something wonderful in the world and you have resources to offer the rest of the network and to share with our larger audience. We want to help you get the word out about what you’re up to and connect you to others who can support you and benefit from your work.

The SO, the goals of membership, are connection, resourcing, and amplification. Through the connections you make in Convergence you will find new resources to help you on your journey, you will become a resource for others as what you’re up to in the world finds new outlets and audiences. Togethering in this way amplifies our voice of hope for a just and generous world. You will access your member benefits and contribute to membership through a your member dashboard. Your member login will give you access to content, a calendar of events, other members, and submission guidelines and links.

Membership makes you visible to us, and we make you visible to others.

Membership Cost: $35/mo or save $70 at $350/year

Membership Benefits:

1. Access to members-only videos curriculum (see below)

2. Access to members-only boutique events (see below)

3. Participation in monthly online video DO Likewise calls 

4. Submission privileges to Convergence Blog

5. Hosting opportunities for monthly DO Likewise calls




6. Invitation to be guest on Faith People Podcast

7. Platforming at local and national Convergence events

8. Connection to other members

9. Access to members-only Facebook Group

Members Only Video Curriculum (in development)

  • From Here to Inclusion: Taking your church through the journey to full inclusion, with Ryan Phipps and George Mekhail

  • Healing from Sexual Shame and Purity Culture, with Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

  • Inventive Church: Progressive Church Structure, with Doug Pagitt

  • She is Called: Faith Women in Leadership, with Carla Ewert

  • Purple Church in the Age of Trump, with Brian McLaren & Rustin Comer

  • Activism: Politics and/or Faith, with Lindsay Andreolli Comstock

  • Writing Progressive Music: Bryan Sirchio

  • Whiteness in the Church: Recognizing Racism, with Michael Waters

  • Poetry in Church, with Victoria Peterson Hilleque & Michael Toy


Members Only Boutique Events (in development)

  • Pastors Retreat

  • Purple Church, December 6-8, 2017, Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata, MN

*Notes on Convergence membership: If you were an OPEN or FORM Member, Convergence Membership now encompasses all of those memberships.