Piloting Church Daily Meditation: So many typos!

One of the readers of this blog pointed out to me recently that I had a few typos in one of my posts. I had checked and double-checked before I posted it. I even use Grammarly to help me catch these things. But he was absolutely right. I had typos running throughout my piece. ARGH! 

Piloting Faith Daily Meditation: Forgive yourself...

We all fear failure. But that doesn't mean we get to quit. It just means we get to be generous with each other...because we are all vulnerable and courageous, usually at the same time. If you fall short of your goals, forgive yourself just as you forgive others. It's the only way to stay in the creative game and the only way to make a real difference. 

She Is Ordained

I grew up in Fundamentalist Christianity, and that tradition does not allow women to be ordained or to have a leadership role that would result in women teaching men.