This forms below are for artists, presenters, and collaborators. As you consider what you have to say at #OPENFHL this year, please spend time meditating on: 

1. FAITH: How does our intellect and the Bible inform our actions, worship and activism?

2. HOPE: How we are called to work towards justice; how can we invite others to learn or join in our efforts?

3. LOVE: How is our understanding that “everything belongs” affecting the way we serve the world? How do we foster relationships above agendas? 

The deadline for form submissions is July 31, 2017 at 5:00pm PST.  

Are you an artist or worship curator? Art can fall into any of the following categories, body, word, visual, music, or liturgy.

Do you have a topic or theological idea you want to present? Is there an issue or topic you would like to talk about that informs faith or practice for a more just and generous world?

Are you/Is your community doing something in the world you want to tell people about and invite more individuals/communities into? Have you responded with action to an issue or topic? Would you like to share that response with others as an invitation to collaborate?