THE convergence NETWORK

The Convergence Network seeks to make visible what is often invisible, resource the groundswell of churches, leaders, organizations, and people who are expressing a just and generous expression of Christianity, and create pathways of connection and belonging among existing and emerging churches, individuals, organizations, and networks of those who wish to live in progressive Christian ways.

Reimagining Theological Education

Reimagining Theological Education is funded through a grant from the Carpenter Foundation and finds its home among the initiatives of Convergence. We are working to reimagine theological education from the ground up. New, sustainable, affordable models for training faith leaders are emerging all over the country, and we are featuring the best and most transformative programs. This project is driven by multiple working groups. We are researching and publishing results on the most urgent questions.

A series of annual Summit Meetings will feature the newest and most innovative models and discussions of the future of theological education. Developers of the new programs, existing faculty and students, administrators, funders, denominational leaders, pastors, and others are strongly encouraged to attend and to present, or just to listen in.


The Convergence Music Project

(CMP) is an internet based company offering music and related liturgical resources for worship and community singing.  The song lyrics in the CMP catalogue all reflect the theological perspectives found at the heart of what increasing numbers of folks are referring to as “Convergence Christianity.”  Among other things these principles reflect an emphasis on progressive and expansive theology, inclusive language, fresh images, emotional authenticity, the unconditional love of the Divine, the call to community, a commitment to social justice, Life-giving spiritual formation, honoring the earth and its ecosystems, compassion for the poor, and both a vertical (praise) and horizontal (social transformation) focus.

The Convergence Leadership Project

The Convergence Leadership Project is an innovative new approach to congregational leadership development and congregational vitality, offering a year-long program of symposiums, trainings, resources, coaching, and more, with a unique focus on regional and global cross-denominational communication.



The Convergence Network brings together innovative leaders from all streams of Christian faith to collaborate in the development of new ways of being Christian: new ways of doing theology and living biblically, new understandings and practices of mission, new kinds of faith communities, new approaches to worship and spiritual formation, new integrations and conversations and convergences and dreams. We are a network of over 10,000 faith communities, organizations and individuals who act together to create a more just and generous world.


On November 8, 2016, millions of Americans will head to the polls. Then on January 20, 2017, a new president will be inaugurated. But what kind of nation will we be? Will we be torn by distrust, wounded by mutual fear, paralyzed and polarized by political partisanship, conquered by division? Or will millions of us rise up with a different message, a message of love? Our vision is to take this dangerous moment and turn it into an opportunity … an opportunity to take a stand for love.


Church Planting

Leaders agree that a capacity-building effort for new ministry must have certain components: assessment, training, coaching, ongoing support and financial/physical resources. While each denomination and network brings some of these elements to the table, no single church family has the capacity to muster a comprehensive approach that comes anywhere near the strength of what evangelical church-planters have built over the last 50 years. And even if a denomination could marshal the resources, no group should do this on its own. As stewards of the resources God endows to our communities, we will go further if we go together.

We have the opportunity to jumpstart the development process, and we should do it collectively. Get connected today.