Convergence is deeply committed to the formation and expression of the arts. Take a look at the projects below and JOIN US IN FOSTERING a just and generous Christianity through creativITY. 


(CMP) is an internet based company offering music and related liturgical resources for worship and community singing.  The song lyrics in the CMP catalogue all reflect the theological perspectives found at the heart of what increasing numbers of folks are referring to as “Convergence Christianity.”  Among other things these principles reflect an emphasis on progressive and expansive theology, inclusive language, fresh images, emotional authenticity, the unconditional love of the Divine, the call to community, a commitment to social justice, Life-giving spiritual formation, honoring the earth and its ecosystems, compassion for the poor, and both a vertical (praise) and horizontal (social transformation) focus.


Need copy here answering the following questions, succinctly as possible.

1. What do people need to know?

2. Why do they need to know it?

3. What do we want them to do about it?

Pictures OF CMP Live