Welcome to Convergence. 

We are a diverse collective of leaders, learners, activists and artists seeking a just and generous expression of faith for a more just and generous world.

Convergence is about you and the goodness you are doing in the world.

As a people-network we create ways for you to know and be known. We want to partner with you in expanding your network, your reach, your community so that the goodness you do can spread to others. And, so you can benefit from the goodness of others happening in other places, in other communities, in other faith traditions.

Our work is simple, but effective - we ask you to make yourself known to us, so we can make you known to others. We ask you to share your work with us, so we can platform it to others. We ask you to join us so others can join you.

We do our work in-person and online. We curate events, conversations, learning opportunities, messaging campaigns, Masters degrees, meet-ups, hangouts and so much more. 

Our goal, our commitment, our promise is to utilize our resources, network, membership and people to benefit you as you seek to be a benefit and blessing to all the world. 

Our Board Of Directors

Our Team

Cameron Trimble

Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock
Chief Strategy Officer

Bryan Sirchio
Director of the Convergence Music Project

Adam Phillips
Senior Director of Mobilization

Brian McLaren
School of Convergence Leadership

Jacqui Lewis
School of Convergence Leadership

Chris Hamel
Chief Operations Officer

Anna Hall
Director of Research and Development



3904 North Druid Hills Road #336

Decatur, GA 30033