Common Good News 10/17/16

In Common Good News by Anna Golladay

Let us join our moral and economic forces to fight together against poverty that degrades, offends and kills so many of our brothers and sisters, by giving life to serious policies in support of families and employment.

— Pope Francis, in his Angelus address following Sunday’s Mass. (Zenit)

More Than 700 Christian Women Condemn Trump’s Misogyny In Powerful Letter

By Carol Kuruvilla, Huffington Post

More than 700 Christian clergy and lay leaders have signed a letter that strongly condemns the abusive remarks Trump has made towards women. … The campaign was organized by Rev. Jennifer Butler, CEO of the faith-based advocacy group Faith In Public Life Action Fund.


Donald Trump Reveals Evangelical Rifts That Could Shape Politics for Years

By Laurie Goodstein, New York Times

While most of the religious right’s aging old guard has chosen to stand by Mr. Trump, its judgment and authority are being challenged by an increasingly assertive crop of younger leaders, minorities and women.


Koch Brothers’ Latest Target: Pope Francis

By John Gehring, American Prospect

Better known for their high-dollar political spending, the billionaire Koch brothers have also poured millions into Catholic University’s business school to promote a free-market orthodoxy sharply at odds with the teachings of Pope Francis.


Why the Christian Right still supports Trump

By David Gushee, Religion News Service

The biggest religion news story of the 2016 election is erupting before our eyes. It is the continued vocal support of Donald Trump by public figures of the Christian Right brand.


Falwell Jr. Deepens Rift With Anti-Trump Liberty U Students

By Betsy Woodruff, Daily Beast

Donald Trump’s candidacy hasn’t just ripped a gash through the Republican Party; it’s also deeply divided one of American Evangelical Christianity’s most important institutions. Campus organizers say that 1,100 Liberty University students signed a blistering letter last week criticizing the college’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., for backing Donald Trump.


12 Times Listening To Bob Dylan’s Lyrics Is A Spiritual Experience

By Antonia Blumberg, Huffington Post

Folk legend and recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan has fallen in and out of religious observance throughout his life, but there’s never been any doubt where his true spirituality lies.


Even if Trump loses big, the anger will remain. Here’s how the left can address it.

By E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post

The urgent task of progressives in this election is to defeat Donald Trump. But even if we succeed, we have a long-term responsibility: to understand why Trump happened and to face up to how failures on the left and center-left have contributed to the flourishing of a new far right, not only in the United States but also across Europe.


The value of bridging the gap between faith-based charities and religious ‘nones’

By Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News

When volunteers sign up to serve food or organize a clothing drive at Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, Chris Croswhite doesn’t ask them whether they believe in God. He couldn’t tell you how many of his current helpers are nonreligious because the subject doesn’t usually come up when people are busy cooking or cleaning.


Clinton campaign answers query from ‘disability vote’

By Bob Allen, Baptist News Global

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged as president to work to ensure that Americans living with disabilities have the same educational and employment opportunities as everyone else in society in response to a request by faith-based organizations for political candidates to address disability concerns.


As More Americans Turn on Death Penalty, Some States Weigh Harder Stance

By Jon Schuppe, NBC News

Three states sit at a crossroads in America’s conflicted relationship with capital punishment, with voters set to determine next month whether the practice continues to fade away or stubbornly persists.