We are Convergence.

Convergence, formerly The Center for Progressive Renewal, supports the reshaping of organizations, congregations and leaders engaged in an age of movement from “organized religion” to “organizing religion” driven by the values of an inclusive, progressive theological vision for a more just world for all.

Our values are simple.

1 We are committed to a just and generous Christian faith that is moving from "organized religion" to "organizing religion." We believe God’s family includes ALL people; God’s people are responsible for caring for the environment, the poor, the sick, and the vulnerable; that education, healthcare, and civil liberties are vital to abundant life; and that truth is found more often in grappling with the questions than in absolute answers.

2 We believe this kind of faith is what millions of Americans hunger for. In many places our methods for sharing and growing that faith have grown stagnant and decline has set in, but that’s not the end of the story. We believe the Holy Spirit is at work, renewing Christian communities and leadership, and we are eager to partner with you and with the Spirit in that movement.