Communication in Today's World

How you communicate can mean the difference between make and break.

Effective communication is at the root of every church's efforts. Without it, there’s no good way to get a message across to your members and the community you are attempting to engage with. If your message isn’t reaching your people, your efforts can seem fruitless.

But as we all know, communication strategies are concepts that are both difficult to define and implement. Regardless, this strategy is vital to your organization’s success. But how exactly is a communication plan crucial to your church? Convergence can help you with those answers.

Through a blend of assessments and strategy, Convergence will guide you through the most important questions to ask yourself about how, and why, you communicate. Some of those questions might include:

  • What is your church's stated mission?
  • Describe the image of your church you would like to portray to the current and potential members.
  • What is your main purpose for communications currently?
  • Who is your current and target audience?
  • What social media channels are your members using?
  • Describe your current church website.

Communications and media initiatives don't have to be scary. Convergence is the perfect partner to walk alongside your congregation as you fine-tune your message.