Common Good News 12/5/16

In Common Good News by Anna Golladay

The victory at Standing Rock could mark a turning point

By Bill McKibben, Guardian

The news that the US federal government has refused to issue the permit needed to run a pipeline under the Missouri river means many things – including that indigenous activists have won a smashing victory, one that shows what nonviolent unity can accomplish.


Faith leaders urge Obama to grant pardons to immigrants, prisoners

By Catholic News Service  

Faith leaders and immigrant advocates urged President Barack Obama to pardon immigrants in the country without legal documentation and people with nonviolent, federal drug offenses serving prison sentences.


Churches Prepare to Shelter Immigrants from Trump

By Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast

If Donald Trump keeps all his campaign promises, thousands of churches could disappear. That’s according to Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who heads the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, an evangelical group with more than 40,000 affiliated congregations.


Why Jews are coming to the defense of mosques in America

By Jessica Mendoza, Christian Science Monitor

This spring, business, political, and religious leaders from both communities for the first time formed a joint advisory council that seeks to give the Muslim and Jewish Americans a national voice. And amid a post-election spike in anti-Islamic sentiment, local Jewish groups have stepped up their support for Muslims in their own communities.


Racism is a disease that must be cured

By Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory, Crux

Our new administration must recognize and address the deadly impact that racism and racist behavior continues to inflict upon our nation and its people. Racist words and slogans can inflame violence and do great harm to the fabric of our country.