Piloting Faith Daily Meditation: So Many Typos!

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One of the readers of this blog pointed out to me recently that I had a few typos in one of my posts. I had checked and double-checked before I posted it. I even use Grammarly to help me catch these things. But he was absolutely right. I had typos running throughout my piece. ARGH! 

None of us like finding typos. None of us like finding issues with what we put out into the world. But I suspect ALL of us appreciate when people point them out in a spirit of “I appreciate you, the work you do, and I have an idea for how you can become even better.” 

Typos happen, especially when you are producing high volumes of content. How lovely, though, if we can be the community for each other that doesn’t excuse mediocrity but instead strives for each of us to better ourselves and our work.

I think that is how God loves us into wholeness. We are full of messed up thoughts, words, and deeds. But God says, “You are doing such a good job. Keep it up. And here is how you can do even better.” 

Luv you all.

(see what I just did there?!? 😃) 

– Rev. Cameron Trimble, author of Piloting Church: Helping Your Congregation Take Flight