You are a Catalyst. You see the need for change and create the change. You are the Innovator, the Instigator, and sometimes the Organizer of the change process.

You are often the first to notice that something in your life or in the world needs to change. You can see the big idea and imagine what success will look like. You may not be the best person to organize all the details of the process, but you are the first to kick off that process to tackle the issue head-on.

  • Thinking big
  • Taking a bold approach to change
  • Embracing new ideas
  • Overlooking attention to detail
  • Losing patience with those slow to change
  • Leaving out key voices and perspectives
  • Acting before thinking it through

Change Strategies:

Clearly articulate the problem you are trying to solve. Know your theory of change and share it if needed. Reaffirm the organizational culture and history while leading toward change. Don’t forget to articulate how the change will affect stakeholders so they know they are considered in the process. Build a team that includes an excellent organizer if you do not have those skills. Provide transparency and regular progress reports to stakeholders so they feel part of the process.

Reflect on these questions to deepen your understanding of your relationship to change:
  • Where do you find joy and challenge in change?
  • How do you engage those in your system who dislike or resist change?
  • Who do you need on your team for change efforts to be a success?

Further learning for you based on your change style: