You are an Enthusiast. You may not be the one to organize the trip or the leader of the caravan, but you sure have a good time being along for the ride. You support the people and organizations you love when they take on big changes because you are the ultimate cheerleader. Not only that, you'll bring a cheering section of your friends and family along with you.

While you may be uncertain or unsure about big changes, if your friends and family are for it, you are too! You cheer them on and bring others into the celebration. You are awesome at celebrating new programs or life changes, and never forget to say "Good Job" to those contributing their time and energy to the effort.

  • Celebrating (formally and informally) new ideas or changes
  • Bringing a positive outlook even to unexpected changes
  • Giving pep talks to change leaders and those working on change
  • Becoming frustrated with conflict around change
  • Rushing past any grief or hurt feelings in change situations
  • Forgetting to include those who are feeling less positive about change

Change Strategies:

Be contagious by articulating the ideas around the change in simple and understandable language. Be a cheerleader for the organizational culture and history even as you promote change. Help other stakeholders understand the positives you see in the change and respond to their concerns, so they know they are heard and considered in the process. 

Reflect on these questions to deepen your understanding of your relationship to change:
  • Where do you find joy or challenge in change?
  • How do you engage those who see change with less enthusiasm?
  • When have you been challenged by a change in your life?

Further learning for you based on your change style: