You are the Evangelist. You love the excitement of new ideas and are the first to tell everyone you encounter about them. You may not have instigated the change, but you are ready to shout from the rooftops about what's going to be great on the other side and are busy inviting everyone you know.

While you may not be the first to come up with ideas, you are often the official or unofficial hype squad for anything new, especially if it sounds fun. You like to be kept in the loop and never want to be the last to know. You may find yourself challenged when changes are harder to explain in simple terms. But you are always willing to help make new ideas more understandable if given the opportunity.

  • Generating support for new ideas or changes
  • Winning people over with excitement and enthusiasm
  • Playing key role in any communications strategy around change
  • Getting bored by complex explanations and poor explainers
  • Feeling frustration when others don't share your enthusiasm
  • Checking out if you feel left out or uninformed

Change Strategies:

Be contagious by articulating the ideas around the change in simple and understandable language. Adapt your communication style to the needs of your audience - some people are head-oriented, others heart-oriented. Know your audience. Reaffirm the organizational culture and history even as you promote change. Don’t forget to articulate how the change will be a positive thing for stakeholders so they know they are considered in the process. 

Reflect on these questions to deepen your understanding of your relationship to change:
  • Where do you find joy or challenge in change?
  • How do you engage those who see change with less excitement?
  • When have you been challenged by a change in your life?

Further learning for you based on your change style: