Heeding the Call to Stamp Out Poverty

In Common Good News by Anna Golladay

While some are aware of the severe poverty that 45 million people in our country face, few are developing sustainable solutions to bring economic stability to the masses. Luckily, one Texas-based pastor is leading the charge.

Through Mission Waco Mission World, a comprehensive community development organization, Jimmy Dorrell is providing Christian-based programming that equips poor and marginalized groups with the tools they need to find jobs.

“I’m honored to serve and have relationships with these people,” said Dorrell, the organization’s executive director. “I’ve been blessed to watch God change lives.”

Mission Waco Mission World was birthed after Dorrell and his wife, Janet, sensed that their biblical call was to live among the poor and bring good news through relationships and empowerment opportunities. The Dorrells bought a house in a run-down neighborhood in North Waco and began holding children and youth gatherings in their home while meeting neighbors and empowering those struggling in the community.

To date, the organization has developed numerous platforms to assist those in need, including a variety of empowerment programs and services, job training, a residential substance abuse recovery program, and a renovated grocery store in a nearby food desert.

Dorrell’s advice for those looking to address systemic social injustice issues is “Be persistent in your actions. Listen to where the Holy Spirit is leading you.”


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