After the Election

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Today we awake to a new reality: Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.

I am hurting. I know you are too. This entire season has been devastating on so many levels. For black and brown people, for Muslims, for women, for LGBTQ people, for immigrants…the list is endless of those of us who now feel threatened, unsafe in our communities and even in our own families.

We should. What happened last night was not just the election of a president. We now live in a country where all three branches of government are controlled by a party in disarray, one who rarely advocates or legislates for the poor, the outcast or the oppressed. We will have a court system free to shape laws incongruent with our most basic values. This is really happening.

So, progressive people of faith, here is the deal: Grieve quickly. Hold on to one another today. Cry. Feel all of the fear that is rumbling around in you. And then…

Rise up.

You are stronger and braver than you know. Now we will prove that to each other.

Rise up.

You were made for such a time as this. You know that love wins. Kindness, compassion, civility and equality are the values that Jesus taught us and the ones to which we turn today.

Rise up.

For the sake of the people we are, the people we love and the planet we live within, you must prepare yourself for leadership. You are now ordained a public theologian, a freedom fighter, a prophet, a disciple, a visionary, a love warrior. You are fierce, and you are wise. Most of all, you are undaunted by hate. You will not tolerate injustice.

Rise up, sweet people.

Our progressive Christian movement is now officially born.

We must move quickly to organize as a force for good in this country. Now, listen carefully: This is something we don’t usually do well. Progressives are notoriously terrible at organizing in large scale. But we can’t afford that any longer. We must work together in a spirit of collaboration and generosity. We must trust the goodness in one another.

Here are three ways to start with many, many more to follow:

  • Sign up to be a part of the #WeStandWithLove campaign. This national campaign represents thousands of interfaith progressive leaders, congregations, denominations and 39 organizational partners working together to create a more just and generous world. I hope you find resources there that are helpful, but more than that, we need to know who you are so that we can keep networking together.
  • Connect with the Convergence movement, a growing trans-denominational network of progressive Christian churches working together to collaborate in the areas of peace, people, poverty and the planet. Our scalability depends upon our ability to work together as congregations across our denominational divides as well as within them.
  • Connect with progressive partners to stay connected to the current issues and activity in your area. Support as many efforts as you can that promote a just and generous way of being in the world.

As we begin our day today, remember that we are all in this together. We are bound by love, and we stronger than we could ever imagine. So, be the Body of Christ in the world. Embody kindness, do justice, and walk humbly. For that sake of all that is good, keep the faith and keep moving. Feel the pain of this day, but don’t let it define our future. Our best days are still ahead.   


Grateful for you,

Rev. Cameron Trimble