Common Good News 12/16/16

In Common Good News by Anna Golladay

As I and other justices have previously pointed out, individuals who are executed are not the ‘worst of the worst,’ but, rather, are individuals chosen at random, on the basis, perhaps of geography, perhaps of the views of individual prosecutors, or still worse on the basis of race.

— Justice Stephen G. Breyer in an unusual dissent from the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case of a Florida death row inmate. (New York Times)

How Trump is paving the way for a revival of the ‘religious left’

By Jack Jenkins, Washington Post

Progressive, faith-rooted advocacy organizations, such as Faith in Public Life, Auburn Seminary and Sojourners, have all reported surges in donations and interest in activism since November, and are now organizing to counter any number of Trump’s policy proposals.


Trump Is Bringing Progressive Protestants Back to Church

By Emma Green, The Atlantic

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, some conservative Christians have been reckoning with feelings of alienation from their peers, who generally voted for Trump in strong numbers. But at least some progressive Protestant churches are experiencing the opposite effect: People have been returning to the pews.


Trump advisers: The faith factor

By Emily McFarlan Miller and Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service

After a campaign in which President-elect Donald Trump was accused of trafficking in bigotry and hatred, and of changing his views to win the conservative religious vote, he is choosing Cabinet members who have made controversial statements on religious and ethical issues.


Outgoing attorney general urges American Muslims to have faith

By Abigail Hauslohner, Washington Post

Outgoing Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch on Monday urged Americans, and specifically American Muslims, to have faith and to “persevere” in the face of “challenges in the years ahead” — even as they grapple with the highest rate of hate crimes since Sept. 11, 2001, and growing concerns about the country’s new politics.


Despite Trumpism, I’m not quitting evangelicalism

By Richard Mouw, Religion News Service

Some of my friends have been talking about giving up the “evangelical” label because of what it has come to be associated with in this year’s political campaign. I’m not ready to make that move. I spent a good part of the 1960s trying hard not to be an evangelical, but without success.


Why Many African Americans Don’t Want Dylann Roof Executed

By Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast

A recent poll found that 65 percent of African Americans in South Carolina want Roof’s life to be spared. By comparison, nearly the same number of white people in the state believe he should be executed for his crimes.


Pastors tell Muslims: We will ‘stand with you’

By Harry Bruinius and Josh Kenworthy, Christian Science Monitor

ndividually, the actions are notes of grace. Taken together they speak to a broad determination by many Americans to make Muslims feel supported and welcome at a difficult moment.


Trump’s secretary of state pick may anger social conservatives

By David Gibson, Religion News Service

Tillerson, whose nomination was announced Tuesday (Dec. 13), may also face criticism from an unexpected quarter — social conservatives whose support was critical to Trump’s unexpected election last month.


Jews at top of class in first-ever global study of religion and education

By Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service

Jews are more highly educated than any other religious group, while Hindus and Muslims are the least educated, the first-ever global study of religion and education shows.


Krista Tippett Thinks We Can’t Change One Another’s Minds

Interview by Ana Marie Cox, New York Times

People say to never discuss religion or politics with others in public, but do you think that we should be talking about these topics more openly now?

Deep Dive of the Week

Trump’s election voted No. 1 religion story of 2016

By Religion News Association

Support of Donald Trump from white evangelical Christians in his surprise election as president of the United States was voted the No. 1 story of 2016 in the Religion News Association’s annual Top 10 Religion Stories of the Year Poll.