Dig Deep and Keep Moving

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 Rev. Cameron Trimble, CEO of the Center for Progressive Renewal

Rev. Cameron Trimble, CEO of the Center for Progressive Renewal

I did a double-take yesterday when the alert popped up on my phone screen. “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire.”

“God,” I whispered as a prayer, “what will become of us?”

I’m tired. I’m tired of my country hurting people. I’m tired of protesting. I’m tired of calling my representatives. I’m tired of ranting and crying and debating and strategizing and posting and speaking and hoping it makes a difference. It’s heartbreaking to witness all the racism, white nationalism, hate and selfishness running rampant in our nation right now. Most days I can’t believe what I am seeing.

Coping with this reality has become a thing. I’ve had a number of conversations with friends and colleagues who talk about moving to another country. Canada, you all should look out. You may need to build a wall to keep the flood of liberal Americans out! Others of us are exercising, meditating and doing yoga as if we are about to be drafted into Wonder Woman’s army of Amazon warriors. Others are getting massages and spending lots of time in hot tubs (why didn’t I think of that?). Most of us are marching in protests, calling our representatives so frequently we’ve added them to our “favorites” on our phones, and hoping desperately that Robert Mueller finds something that can slow this “Trump Administration freight train from hell” down!

But I am clear on this. Here is what we can’t do: We can’t give up. We can’t lose hope. In this moment, of all moments, we don’t get to walk away.

With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, we now face the reality that none of our institutions designed to rein in presidential power will be strong enough to withstand this administration’s assault. We know that immigrants rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights are under attack. We face the very real possibility that a Supreme Court shaped by the Trump Administration will overturn Roe v. Wade. With the Court’s latest ruling against trade unions and immigration, we can anticipate that life is going to get harder for all of us. Let’s not be naive.

So, dear ones, you are leaders in this moment. You are the wisdom-bearers, the healers, the peace keepers, the protesters, the teachers, the agitators, the visionaries. And, you have a message far more powerful than fear and hopelessness; you can tell a story of love. You can tell the story of a God who loves us relentlessly and longs for us to love each other. We are built to love one another; we are all in this together.

I know you may be tired and angry and overwhelmed with our world. I am too. But I need you to dig deep and keep going. We all need you to do that. You were made for this moment, and you are ready. It’s time once again to lead forward with love.

Keep the faith,

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