Piloting Faith: In Search of Wisdom

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With all of the trauma and drama we are living in, I felt I was losing bearings. So, I wrote a letter to myself. I wrote it as if I was 20 years older than I am today. I imagined my older, wiser self writing to the person I am today, offering advice. I share it with you, not to say “adopt this as your wisdom,” but more to say, “if you need to remember who you are, this exercise might help.” Try it.

In Search Of…Me

Dear One,

You’re sad. It’s ok.
You’re anxious. It’s ok.
You’re exhausted. It’s ok.
You’re grieving what used to be. It’s ok.
You’re worried about what is ahead. It’s ok.
Everything you are…

You are ok.

You are making hard choices: What in your life will you keep? What will you let go? What in yourself will you keep? What have you outgrown?

This is the work that only you can do. No one is going to save you. No one is going to tell you what to keep of yourself and what to let go. So, take your time. Listen to God’s urging. Trust your intuition. You are wiser than you know.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, prepare for the hardest part. Letting go is the easy part. Creating your new self is the real work. Life and death are things we understand. It’s the next part – life, death, life again – that’s the part no one wants to endure. It’s the new birth. The resurrection. The rising. The awakening. The “you will never be the same again” transformation that is the point of it all, but the change we fight the most.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

Listen, now. You can kill this great work within yourself with a simple thought. You can tell yourself “I’m not worth it.” You can tell yourself you are not worthy, you are not brave, you are not resilient, you are not lovable, you are not…

But you are. You always have been. You just couldn’t see it. You are worthy, brave, resilient and lovable. Every wound, every achievement, every disappointment, every breakthrough…all of it brought you here. Now you must learn to see what has been true all along.

Lean in. Be “all in” on this. Commit to your transformation. It won’t be easy. Or maybe it will be. But have no doubt, Dear One, it will be worth every single step.

I needed this letter for me, but maybe it will help you too.

We are in this together,


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