What IS Digital Ministry? And Why Should I Care?

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Setting up the cameras for the livestream. Sharing the link for the Zoom call. Sending a few social media posts throughout the week. Maybe even editing a sermon clip to post on TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

Is this digital ministry?

Yes. Sort of. But it’s missing something.

The most essential part of digital ministry is not all the digital platforms and online content. The most important part is the ministry, the ways you create spaces for community to grow and develop, connecting with God, self, and others in real and meaningful and digital ways. The content is important, but only as it supports the community.

Or to take a step back, sometimes it’s helpful to know what digital ministry is not in order to best know what it is.

Digital ministry is not being the person who can answer every question everyone has about how to use Zoom. Digital ministry is being a pastor who uses Zoom to facilitate community and offer pastoral care.

Digital ministry is not managing your church’s social media accounts. Digital ministry is a pastoral approach to social media that builds relationships, cultivates community, and offers faith formation and pastoral care, one post, tweet, or TikTok at a time.

Digital ministry is not the responsibility of the person who knows the most about technology, social media, or the internet. Digital ministry is the responsibility of a pastor who ensures that the church always share the good news of love and justice by any media necessary.

I look at digital ministry like a campfire, something that people can gather around, reflect on, and ultimately connect with one another as a result. The campfire is important but it’s not the point. The point is the experience we share, the ways it forms and reforms us, allowing us to be made whole so that we can join God and one another in healing this world.

In short, digital ministry is ministry.

But enough from me about this “What is digital ministry?” question.

Click the link below to watch a video where you’ll hear from a dozen digital ministry leaders as they share their answers to this question.


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