Do We Shift? Or Do We Abandon?

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For the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-long, the internet is galvanized behind something as a massive team. In an effort to thwart the dumpster fire that is Twitter, more than 10 million people have signed up to launch Meta’s competitive platform Threads. Since the purchase of the social media juggernaut by Elon Musk, Twitter has become a volatile and uncertain place for people share their thoughts. In reality, many of us have done little but complain about the platform all while still traveling there as often as we normally would to check in on the voices of those we follow.

There has been no app that has threatened the Twittersphere to date. But this morning’s energy behind Threads is an interesting binge watch. It works in a very similar way to the app it is attempting to replace and has already garnered a significant number of signups. Some of that has been accelerated by the ease of registration – Threads allows you to import the entirety of your Instagram information, including your followers, those you follow and your bio. I’m not encouraging you to take a look at it, but I have to admit that the elementary know-how that was required to get started was a refreshing change.

In what seems like an overnight revolution, this news has me wondering about our propensity to move. To shift. To abandon. To look elsewhere. How many of us will walk away from Twitter completely? Or begin to intentionally ignore our feeds and follows? Is there a desperation to rid ourselves of this thing that scares us (Musk, Twitter, et al)? What is it about us that encourages change that is our idea but discomforts us when it is imposed by another?

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This desire to move, to shift is curious to me. It affirms our gift as humans to change. It also requires us to be curious about the shifts and movement of others as they expand in their thinking. When I signed up for Threads last night, I was (and remain) confident in my exploration of a platform that feels less controlling of me. But what if I had received a notification that Instagram had automatically parlayed my profile without my asking? Am I less likely to maintain such confidence? Of course. Might I walk away without giving it a fair shot? Maybe. Could that be a mistake? Absolutely.

What happens when these kind of shifts happen in our faith communities? If change is needed, are we curious about the possibilities, regardless of whether the idea is ours? Do we force ourselves to continue to watch the dumpster fire when we’ve been presented with an option that has the potential to improve conditions and equity? Are we excited about what might happen when change is offered or do we abandon our charge because discomfort isn’t on our dance card?

As the Church continues to shift and move in these post-pandemic days, these questions remain important. Convergence is skilled at helping congregations navigate change in ways that help your organization navigate the exciting and the uncomfortable. There are courses and consulting opportunities, depending on your specific needs. But the question remains – are you willing to be curious about what new possibilities exist? 

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