Digital Ministry Fellows Gather in Atlanta

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“This is a legitimate ministry.”

This was the overwhelming response from the Convergence Digital Ministry Senior Fellows as we gathered for a few days in Atlanta. We spent our time imagining possible futures for spirituality and the church, discussing what we’ve learned and best practices for digital ministry, and enjoyed time together in the same physical space, a rare experience for a group that typically interacts in the likes and comments of a TikTok video or Substack newsletter.

Too often digital ministry can still feel like a subset of “real” ministry. The stuff that happens in a building is most important, right? All this digital whatnot is just a fad.

(I hope you were able to read the sarcasm in those last sentences.)

But as we spent our time together we were reminded again and again that digital ministry is real ministry, and it is often exactly what our churches need now and will continue to need more and more in the quickly approaching future.

Digital Ministry Fellows are Tiktoking in the wild.

We recorded many of the conversations and sessions during our time together, knowing that we would want to share them with you, which is why I am excited to invite you to the 2023 Digital Ministry Summit on November 13-16, 2023, four days of conversations with the Convergence Digital Ministry Senior Fellows and leaders from across the country about the current state and future of digital ministry in the church.

The Digital Ministry Summit is free during the four days of the summit. It will equip and inspire faith leaders in varying contexts with different technological abilities to take their necessary next step in digital ministry. Digital ministry was not just a band-aid we put on our churches for the past few years but a new muscle that we must continue to stretch and strengthen. Our world is forever changed and the church’s only hope is to let go of the “glory days” of our past and take an honest look at where we are and where we might be going.

Join us on November 13-16 and learn from the Convergence Digital Ministry Senior Fellows and other digital ministry leaders so that we can all take our next steps in this essential and very much legitimate ministry.

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