Christmas Emails – Is Your Content Ready?

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By: Rev. Bethany Peerbolte, Convergence Digital Ministry Fellow

Tis’ the time to give energy to social media. 

Algorithms change fast. One week they promote short videos, and the next they push content over 3 minutes. The frustration of keeping up takes many content creators out of the game. In my love-hate relationship with algorithms, there is something I can depend upon, the algorithm loves holidays. I’m not just talking about the December holidays either. Content made by Muslim creators does better around their holidays like Ramadan. Around Diwali, my news feed is filled with Hindu creators. Which means, tis’ our season. 

I know, this is a busy time in the church calendar and no one needs another thing to do, but this is also the time you have the best chance to go viral. You have viral-worthy content happening already, all you need to do is get out a camera. Here are a few prompts to get you thinking about the content you can post this season. 

  1. Rehearsals: We know Christmas does not just happen. Whether it is the adult choir or the children’s pageant, people love behind-the-scenes content. (*if you record minors make sure you have the appropriate permissions*)
  2. Bloopers: Anything left on the cutting room floor is viral gold. It could be an advent sermon theme that was rejected, or that Christmas tree that will not stay lit for an entire service, or a lighthearted stumble over a classic verse. People love to see humanity at its fullest. It is especially great for us as a Church to show we can laugh at ourselves. 
  3. OOTD: Online this stands for Outfit Of The Day. Christmas brings out incredible fashion displays. As you dust off your vestments and your congregation don their festive finest, record a little catwalk moment and let the world see you OOTS (Outfit of this Sunday)
  4. Movie Exegesis: Christmas movies, old and new, are a staple of this time of year. Many of them have incredibly deep theological threads running through them that people miss. Point them out! People will sit through a video of less than one minute to find out what Die Hard and the nativity have in common. 

You are doing so much in the next few weeks. Add a camera and include the world in the holy preparations.

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