A Post-Eclipse Prayer

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By: Rev. Anna Golladay

Creator and sovereign one, we call on your peace and solace. 

You alone are the ignitor of all things good – the spark that turns our kindling to flame.
You bring to us the warmth of the roar, the power of the heat, the cleansing of the smoke.

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash

This fire sets alight in us a holy burn for justice.

We see rights being stolen.
We see justice being evaded.
We see neighbors being evicted.
The unhoused being minimized.
The queer being set apart.
The poor in chains.
The sick in crisis.
The lonely left longing for another.

Can the flames shift to ones of destruction?
Might the arrogant be left low?
Can the violent be flooded with peace?
The rich become overtly benevolent?
The bully look their tormented in the eyes?
Systems of oppression be squashed?
Justice and equity be the only way to you?

As the moon shadowed the sun, we were paused in miraculous awe.
Having once again experienced the magnitude of your creativity, we are reminded of the collective beauty of community.
Thousands gathered with common intent.
Wonder and applause burst forth.

For minutes, the culture converged in sameness – differences thwarted.
Oh, but if this melody of neighborliness might be everlasting.

You have asked much of us – for us to share in all things.
For all languages to be heard as one.
For us to be in fellowship with one another at all times and in all ways.
For us to eat together, live together, and share all we have with one another.
For us to help the other without question or expectation.

For us to gather together in the square with joy and happiness.

Would it be that the earth’s miracle illustrated such a world? 

Could it be that we experienced such a world on a Monday in April?

Crack our hearts apart.
Link us in unbreakable union.
Make it so.
Make it so.
Make it so.


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