People who change the world know this…

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People who change the world know three things:

  1. Showing up matters. Courageous, creative people who show up together change the world (they are the only ones who ever do).

  2. They give their whole heart to the work. They don’t whine, become disheartened or give up. They don’t give themselves or others excuses for failure. They focus on their desired outcome and hold nothing back.

  3. They design with intent. They are clear about their “why” which drives the rest of their actions. They know the difference they want to make, and they know who they want to benefit.

You’re a changemaker. You might not be living it out fully, but it’s in you. But you don’t need to believe me. Just try living as if you were. Pretend. Play at it. I bet you will surprise yourself. Of course, the rest of us knew all along. 

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